A simple wedding band. 18k. Big Lulu

$1,280.00 USD - $1,400.00 USD
Image of A simple wedding band. 18k. Big Lulu Image of A simple wedding band. 18k. Big Lulu

Gold textured wedding band. This is Big Lulu.

I made this band many years ago in my casting class as we were learning to use sheet wax. I felt like it was a little too neat for me, so I decided to rough it up and give it a porous texture before it was cast. I'm that person who loves included stones and porosity on gold, they're so much more interesting to me. Big Lulu is a pretty lightweight band about 1.1mm thick, that's what I love about her. She is made with 18k gold, is about 4-4.2mm wide and has a rustic finish. Big Lulu's texture makes the gold have a little shimmer in the light.

:: Please note the photo was taken with a zoom lens outdoors with natural sunlight. The texture may be a little more subtle with the naked eye. The dark side of the band is just in shadow, there is no patina on the gold.

△ I will make Big Lulu for you in your size, please message me with any questions. Keep in mind that she is handmade and will be similar, but not exactly as the one in the photo. Your Big Lulu will have her own markings. Please allow 3-5 weeks.

:: I make Big Lulu in different widths - Lulu is 3mm wide and Lou is 5mm wide

:: International shipping ::
Please message me before you check out. I will look into shipping costs for you and see if I am allowed to send gold to your country as there are many restrictions.

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